That is right, a simple but stunning dress is perfect for a safari wedding. ย Whether you dream of a traditional white gown or something more modern and sleek, your dress is going to the main attraction of the day. Much thought goes into any woman’s dream wedding dress and there are a few points to remember when choosing your dress for a safari wedding.

  1. The dress must travel well. Large, ballroom style dress are not easy to pack and transport.
  2. Choose a cool and comfortable fabric, temperatures in the bush can rise to 40 degrees ย  in the summer months and add humidity to the mix and it could get quite uncomfortable if you are wearing a thick or synthetic fabric.
  3. Let your personality shine through your shoes! Classic dresses and drop dead shoes are a way of showing your individual style while still keeping it classy.

When it come to the gentlemen, cotton or silk shirts are definitely the way to go and ditch the 3 piece suit unless you want your man to expire before the I do’s are done and dusted!

Whatever you decide, stick to these simple guidelines and you are on your way to the perfect day.







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