If you are considering a destination wedding and are not yet sure which of the many options to choose from, here is a great reason to consider a wedding in the African bush.

Guys dig it! Yes, thats right, if you want to get your man excited about your wedding, just show him a picture of getting married on safari and he will sit up and pay attention! I have seen it time and time again, mention wedding to a guy and his eyes glaze over, but tell him he can get married on safari in the African bush and suddenly you have appealed to his sense of adventure. It is romantic and luxurious and DIFFERENT!

So, if you like the idea of engaging your man in your wedding planning frenzy, just mention to him that he could play out a scene from Out of Africa, and spend a relaxing but exhilirating week on safari, on an all inclusive basis, and included in that week will be your romantic wedding ceremony, with or without your family and friends witnessing the precious moment that you exchange vows in nature’s greatest cathedral. The added bonus that it could be done with a herd of elephant grazing near by will surely seal the deal for many adventurous, nature loving couples!

Images courtesy of Makanyi Lodge and Camp Jabulani




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