This was a question that I received this morning from a UK resident and I thought I would blog about it as it may be helpful for couples considering a wedding abroad but not sure when is the best time to book their wedding and whether the date they have their  eye on is suitable for a safari wedding.

Safari season is typically during the winter in South Africa, there are several reasons for this:

  1. Low rainfall season – May to November are the driest months of the year.
  2. Low season for Malaria in areas affected by this disease
  3. Ideal time for game spotting due to the fact that the bush is not so thick.
  4. Animals congregate around waterholes more, making sightings more frequent.
  5. Warm days with clear skys, evenings are cool to cold.
  6. it is also convenient coincidence that European/American summer breaks are right in the middle of our safari season hence the influx of visitors at this time of year.

If you are planning to book a safari wedding or honeymoon during this period, my advice would be to book far in advance as accommodation in the popular locations books out very quickly. The biggest  disadvantage is that the bush is not looking at it’s best when it comes to photographs by the end of the season, but a good photographer will always work around this problem.


Sabi Sabi Selati Lodge

If you don’t mind the heat and like the bush looking a bit more lush, then summer in the bush can be a geat way to escape the northern hemisphere cold. It is our rainfall season so if you are planning on an outdoor ceremony you will have to be prepared to compromise if the weather doesn’t play along! The plus side is being able to sit in your own private splash pool overlooking the bush, glass of champagne in hand, love of your life by your side and just soak up the love! Outside showers and baths are also an added bonus of warm weather, most lodges have these with every suite. showering under the stars is truely  a magical experience and one for the bucket list!

Malaria is a concern for most but if you are reponsible and take anti-malarials during your stay, keep limbs covered in the evenings and use insect sprays you are almost certianly protected from contracting malaria. Alternativel you could book your wedding at one of our lodges in Malaria free areas!

Destination proposal,  wedding or honeymoon, if you want romantic locations, friendly people and a second to none experience with nature, South Africa is the place to visit!








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