According to stats from a survey conducted by The and released last year, weddings are very trendy and the average spend on a wedding is increasing.

  • The average spend on a wedding in the US was over $32 000 and tradition continues with the brides parents coughing up most of the money, although couples are contributing more than before.
  • Destination weddings are popular, with 350 000 destination weddings in 2015, most in the USA, but 23% of those being international weddings.
  • The number of guests is down but the amount spent on each guest is up. So couples are spending more on the guest experience than before but inviting fewer guests.Great for the guests who do get invited!
  • Themed weddings and including ethnic elements into the wedding are more popular than ever.
  • Couples are turning to professional planners to assist them in the planning more than ever and browing on a smartphone or device for ideas, dresses, decor is crucial to the planning of the event.

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