We are so excited to annnounce a new addition to our portfolio of luxury lodges.

Geiger’s camp is perfect forgeigers-camp-sign-resized a intimate wedding party, accommodating up to 8 people in this very private and exclusive lodge.

It’s not just the gorgeous views or the colonially inspired  decor that grabbed us but what really makes Geiger’s Camp special, in fact Motswari in general, is the staff.

From mangement to housekeeping it is smiles all around. Everybody introduces themselves and they make a point of knowing every guests’name. This personal attention is so unique nowdays that it explains why most of the guests we met were returning for their 2nd, or sometimes 5th visit!


Motswari is situated on the Umbabaat reserve which is part of the Timbavati Game Reserve and borders the famous Kruger National Park. There are no fences between the reserve and the Kruger so game roams freely over a huge area of wilderness. Game viewing is excellent, we had incredible sightings of elephant, and spent some quality time with a young pride of lazy lion. There is a raised outside deck called Giraffes Nest which is pefect for your honeymoon night, weather permitting of course.


We are so looking forward to coordinating the most amazing weddings at this camp and working with such a wonderful team. Motswari can accommodate 30 guests, between Geiger’s camp and the main camp. contact us now to quote and lets start planning!


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