I recently heard of wedding planners described as “Dream Makers”and I thought it was a very apt description. The rising popularity of wedding planners in many countries over the years has come to prove that no longer are planners solely for the rich and famous. As weddings have become a statement about the couple’s personality and their unique relationship, these couples are working more closely with an individual who can make their dream a reality.

There are different kinds of planners, some couples are just looking for someone to co-ordinate on the big day. The “Day Of ” planner, often just wanting the planner to manage all the hiccups that can occur with their own planning, so that they can relax on the Big Day!

If a couple decided to go for a Month of Planner, they do the bookings and reservations but hand everything over to the planner one month before to finalise and perfect.

A full planning service begins with the initial concept, working with the planner on inspecting venues, design, flowers, dresses etc. Often a close working a relationship for a year or more is needed to pull off a first class wedding.

At Luxury Safari Weddings we offer all three types of services, of course we prefer the last option because we like being there from the concept to the final event.

Talk to us about how we can be your “Dream Makers”.


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